Mince pies

Well, a kind of Mince Pies. First of all because this are not pies, but tarts, mini tarts. And second of all because I’ve never tried the real English mince pie, so I cannot know if they taste alike. The original recipe, from which those little pies are inspired, is from Modern Classics, Book 2,

All your favourite recipes on your iPhone

A few months ago a dear friend, Juliette, asked me if I wanted to add my favourite recipes to a free iPhone/iPodTouch application she was developing. Well, I said an happy yes, and now the application, Finger Cookbook, is released and you can check it out and downloaded form the website! I can add more

Scotland, August 2009

For this summer our first choice was China, but something came up, so we had to decide for something nearer, fresher and more simple to travel to. We decided for Scotland, a place where we both wanted to go, as we already travelled all around England and Wales, but never set a foot in the

Stuffed focaccia

Lately I’m experimenting a lot with sourdough and I have to say, besides the obvious improvement with bread, it is with pizza and focaccia that a piece of sourdough do its best! For the focaccia 200 g of sourdough 300 g of flour 200 g of durm wheat flour 250 ml of water Salt Knead

Pasta with leek and provolone

Provolone is a smelly, tasty Italian cheese that can go from mild to very strong. You’ll need the strong, even smellier and tastier type. It’ will give to this pasta a different hint. The leeks, on the other hand, will sweeten and mild out everything. And it’s a quite simple and quick pasta. You can

Lamb and artichokes fricassea

Well, a fricassea, oh my, what the hell it is? Actually it’s something very simple and very traditional in the Mediterranean cuisine: you can find in Italy, Greece and even France. 8 artichokes Juice 1 lemon 700 g lamb leg, cut in chunks 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 onion 1 tablespoon flour Freshly

Verrines with Puy Lentils

As a quick appertizer or a fancy side dish, this verrines are simple and very effective. Why Puy lentils? This are the lentils I have always at home, as they come near-by my in lwas, and the father of a dear friend is a major grower. They are quick to cook and they don’t need

Foodie presents for your Valentine

Valentine’s day is near and you don’t know what you can buy for your foodie lover: oh my! Here are 10 (foodies) suggestions: A wonderful artisan foodie gift from Foodzie. Chocolate from the chocolate masters of the world: Valrhona o Richart. An awesome, incredible, unforgettable dessert by Pierre Hermé. One of the most beautiful, strudy

Me and Nutella: a fairy tale

On the occasion of World Nutella Day, co-hosted by my dear friend Sara, not a recipe, but a fairy tale. Our heroine was born and rised in Italy, the native country of Nutella. Our heroine felt in love with nutella at first sight. The gouyness, sweetness and velvet flavour of a creamy hazelnut and chocolate

Bavarois au safran et miel

Bavarois is something quite simple to make, if you have patience, passion and a predisposition to make desserts. Patience because you need to wait, to let the cream cool before to do anything else. Passion because you need to come up with endless parings to make astonishing bavarois. Predisposition because if you don’t know by