La tarte flambée

La tarte flambée, or flamme-küche, is a speciality from Alsace. Imagine the thinnest pizza base covered with crème fraîche, lardons, onions, and if gratinée, rapé. In the oven, and oplà, piping hot under your nose! I’m not entirely sure it’s pizza base, because you do not sense any yeast and there no proofing involved, but every

Stuffed bread

Stuffed bread

Time to prepare and think about the first picnics! This stuffed bread is simple, quick and it can be made in advance. No quantities: use your eyes and if you have leftovers from the filling eat them like a salad. Ingredients 1 big round loaf of bread 1 jar of grilled peppers, drained Cherry tomatoes

Pizza dough

If I say pizza and what do you think? I hope you think of Italy, because it comes from here and more precisely Naples. No pineapple, no salami, no strange, exotic  toppings. The one I prefer is the simplest of all, a pizza margherita: tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. Sometimes the better pleasure in life

Sourdough Bread

I recently had the fortune to put my hands on a 22 years old pasta madre, levain, sourdough (kind courtesy of Semerssuaq*). I was always afraid of sourdough: I mean, it’s alive! What if it dies? What if I kill it??? Well, apparently it’s not so simple to kill it! If you take good weekly

Daring Bakers: Julia Child’s French Bread

I love Julia Child! Love, love, love her! Last summer I read her biography and I was just startled by her voice: clear, gentle, friendly…So, when I saw this month challenge I thought: “GREAT! A dream comes true!!!”I knew that when Mary and Sara chose this particular recipe they were going in the right direction

Daring Bakers: Tender Potato Bread

Warm focaccia filled with Parma Prosciutto: to die for!!! Last time I’ve seen Annemarie in London, we just ended the Bostoni Cream Pie challenge, and we were a bit disappointed about our Chiffon cake turned out…Then we moved to one quite corner, and whispering, we spoke about the new challenge. She already had the time

World Bread Day: Sumac Focaccia Bread

Today it’s World Bread Day!!!!I consider focaccia a type of flat bread, as it is the way I eat it most of the time: if I have friends coming over and I do not have fresh bread, I knead a focaccia (my Kenwood chef knead a focaccia, to be precise), and the appetizers are saved!And

Madly baking!

“Waiter there’s something in my bread” really encouraged my bakery instincts! After the bread I baked yesterday my only thought was: “Bake! Bake! Bake!”!!! Plus I was truly inspired by some of the wonderful entries, and especially by Patricia‘s recipe, so I hope she won’t mind if I made something similar, yet different, to her

Waiter, there’s somenthing in my… bread!

I find this monthly challenge very interesting, not only for the funny title, but even for the theme they choose! And it’s indeed a challenge fo me: never made a pie before and I’m not so much of a bready person. I like to eat bread, but make it sometimes seem to long and complicated…

Una nave piena piena di…

A ship loaded with… And my answer to this childish game was always: POTATOES!!!But not in this case!Here how I filled my bagels: ricotta mixed with stracchino (just because I hate average cream cheese and I prefer to make my own personal idea of it!) and grilled vegetables marinated in balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive