Foodie presents for your Valentine

Valentine’s day is near and you don’t know what you can buy for your foodie lover: oh my! Here are 10 (foodies) suggestions: A wonderful artisan foodie gift from Foodzie. Chocolate from the chocolate masters of the world: Valrhona o Richart. An awesome, incredible, unforgettable dessert by Pierre Hermé. One of the most beautiful, strudy


Ah, la vendange! This year we had the wonderful possibility to participate to a photo vendange (thanks Marco!) with other Flickr people in Oltrepò Pavese. Oltrepò Pavese is a part of Lombardy, just south of the Po (“oltre” means beyond), lavishly filled with castles, hills, and, of course, grapes! We had the opportunity to visit

Another part of it: wines!

Of course, having a husband sommelier, we couldn’t, by any possible mean, skip the French wine cellars! Those in the picture is just a little taste of the many we visited… And the many bottle we tasted and bought!