Pasta with leek and provolone

Pasta with artichokes, leek and provola

Provolone is a smelly, tasty Italian cheese that can go from mild to very strong. You’ll need the strong, even smellier and tastier type. It’ will give to this pasta a different hint. The leeks, on the other hand, will sweeten and mild out everything.

And it’s a quite simple and quick pasta.
You can do everything while the water is going to boil and the pasta cooks.

Finely slice the leek. Stir fry it with a bit of oil, until soft.
In the mean while cook the pasta (virtually any kind). Drain the pasta, add it to the pan with the leek, add over grated provolone, stir until melted, and serve.


  1. Mercè

    Il provolone è ottimo con la pasta,
    Una ricetta bellisssima.

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