10 steps to (better) cooking: be brave, be confident

Once a chef throw in front of me a whole salmon fillet and said: “And now thinly slice it”! Form the panic in my eyes he understood I’ve never had done such a thing. He gave me a good knife and said: “Be confident, the most you can do is making one or two slices

10 steps to (better) cooking: How to read and execute a recipe

After choosing a recipe, from the internet or from a book or a magazine, you need to do it, to cook the dish. And here it comes the trickiest part! The rules: Read it, from the ingredients list to the last step. Then read it again. And then one more time. Prep everything! Take out

10 steps to (better) cooking: How to choose a recipe

You are surrounded by recipes! Not only from this very blog, but on the entire internet you’ll find billions of recipes! Now even Google has a dedicated search! But not all recipes are the same and not all recipes are trustworthy… It happens, and quite often, to read recipes that call for 300 ml of

10 steps to (better) cooking: Cut, cut, cut!

Cutting is one of the basic elements of cooking. To cut food and not yourself you need just few basic rules. 1. Knives You don’t need many of them. Actually 3 are more than enough, but they have to be top quality! If your knife is harp there are much more less chances you end

10 steps to (better) cooking: Gear up!

If you want to drive a car you need an engine. If you want to hike a mountain, you need the right shoes and equipment. If you want to bike, you need a working bicycle. But if you want to to cook most people is convinced you don’t need anything if not a few pan.

10 steps to (better) cooking: Fresh Ingredients

Last week we spoke about the ingredients of a basic pantry, what staples to have always at hand to be able to cook something from scratch at any time! Once you have flour, stock cubes, salt and all the rest, you absolutely need something in your fridge! And of course fresh fruits and vegetables! I’m

10 steps to (better) cooking: The basic pantry

What do you really need in your pantry to be always ready to cook something? Of course the answer to this question is different for any and each of us, but there are some basic staples from which you can build your own pantry. The Basic Pantry Matchbox, 1, especially if you have a gas

10 steps to (better) cooking – Introduction

Can I cook better in 10 easy steps? Sure you can! How? Well, as for everything in life, with a simple choice: you want to cook better, because you love yourself and the people around you, because you want to feel better and because making something with your own hand has a pleasure that nothing