The ultimate chocolate cake

How to recycle Easter chocolate

Easter chocolate! Traditionally in Italy Easter IS chocolate! Loads of chocolate! As you can see in Sara’s post we even tend to go quite big with our Easter chocolate eggs! And every year, especially if you have a child in the house, you’ll find your home filled with all different kind of Easter chocolate, in form

Strawberry Pom Mojito

10 recipes for strawberries drinks

Strawberry’s season is here! Why not enjoy some refreshing strawberries drinks? I like my strawberries as they are: they are so good that I normally do not add sugar or anything else to them! But sometimes, especially in the peak of the season, I tend to be carried away and I buy too much! In

French Toast or Pain Perdu

French toast in English, Pain perdu in French: basically the same thing. A file of sliced stale bread, milk, egg, sugar, a little fit of butter and you are in heaven! Ingredients for French Toast Sliced bread, a few days old Milk Beaten egg (begin with 1, then if it’s not enough you can beat

Companion Planting

Are you growing vegetables this summer?

I am. I am growing vegetables this summer. For the third year in a row I’m attempting to grow something in my two squares of garden. The first year went really well and we had salad, carrots, lots of courgette and courgette flowers, broccoli, tomatoes… Last year the summer in Alsace was some kind of

Bigoli with asparagus

6 ideas with asparagus

In Italy we eat them with fried eggs, parmesan and melted butter, dipping the point on the egg yolk. The green ones are best known, especially where I come from, Varese, in the north: near by, in Cantello, there is a very well know Fiera dell’Asparago! In France they eat them with Hollandaise sauce or

The simplest tomatoes sauce

The simplest tomato sauce

Forget about what Americans call “marinara”. Forget about store brought tomato sauce, with all that additives and salt. Simple, good ingredients and 30 minutes of your time: that’s all you need for an incredible tomato sauce! And it’s not an April’s fool! Ingredients for tomato sauce 1 can of plum tomatoes, diced or whole (but

The best 3 website for recipes search

  I’m always in search of new recipes, always. I always find myself with some strange turnips in the fridge, or a cut of meat I’m not familiar with, or with simple lack of inspiration! In the last years I’ve realized that even if I love so much my cooking magazines, after a while I

Welcome to my new home!

Welcome to the new home of The Kitchen Pantry! Born in 2006 on blogger, moved under my name domain in 2008 and finally home to its own domain now, in 2014! A long way! Both for my blog and myself! Many things have changed since 2006: 2 children, a move and now we are building

Eating healthy: 3 infographics

With winter almost behind us, and summer nearby, cleansing our system and eating in an healthy way can prepare us to approach the new upcoming season with more energy. This simple yet effective cheatsheet on how to cook vegetables can help you add more green (and red, yellow, purple…) to your diet. Where to get all

One bowl chocolate cake

10 tips on food blogging

The first food blog born in this world was Chocolate&Zucchini, by Clotilde Dusoulier: she blogs in English since september 2003, more then 10 years ago. In this last 10 years many things have changed, allowing more and more people to approach simpler ways to blog on the internet. And since Adam, one of the first USA