Vive la France!

Our life is changing. We are in the middle of our big great move to France! We are going to live in a 1.000 souls village in South Alsace, near the Swiss border. We always dreamed to go back to live in France, expecially now that we have 2 small children. So here we are,

All your favourite recipes on your iPhone

A few months ago a dear friend, Juliette, asked me if I wanted to add my favourite recipes to a free iPhone/iPodTouch application she was developing. Well, I said an happy yes, and now the application, Finger Cookbook, is released and you can check it out and downloaded form the website! I can add more

The world of wine would be safe forever if everybody would work like…

Marco Sara, a young wine maker from Friuli, one of the eastern region of Italy: he has just 3 acres and he make just 3 wines: Picolit, Mufis and Verduz! One better than the other! My husband, who is a sommelier and he’s acknowledged among our acquaintances as a fierce wine critic, after trying them,

Food 2.0 NomNomNom

Sunday 18th May 2008 I was here, teamed with her, doing this.We cooked all this.We where among other people, all cooking astonishing meals!Everything was organized by her in partnership them, with some outstanding sponsors!I spoke about it here and here (Italian version) and there we published our entry even here (recipes included!!!And thanks to Julia

The Recipe Writer’s Handbook

Here I am, neglecting my blog since ages and then, what do I publish? A book review! Not even a recipe and not even a picture! Bad Sara, bad!But my book review is more useful then anything you can think of… My book review is about a book, as you can easily understand for the

This is, may be, too much…

This morning I was happily going through my March issue of Olive (courtesy of my kind friend Sarah Blow), one of the prominent British food magazine, and I found an article titled “Cheap Shots. Even Michelin-starred chef need to know how to cook on a budget. Olive reveals how the professional cut down on food

As seen on tv

Or at least on Italian television…Which I seldom watch, but just the other day I catch a glimpse of this thing pictured left… and I thought: “OMG!”Then with my on-line grocery shopping it came as a nice little present. As fate was guiding me in such clear ways, could I ever avoid to try it???I

The new credo

It can sound very snobbish, it can sound very overconfident, but I personally feel like him: “Are you a blogger too? Give me your camera. I’ll take a really blurry, close-up picture of the grapefruit in my salad. When do you think people are going to start making fun of bloggers?” Danny Meyer via Serious

You are my Catcher Block I’m your Barbara Novak

You are my Christian I’m your Satine.You are my Norman Warne I’m your Beatrix Potter.You are my Lincoln 6 Echo I’m your Jordan 2 Delta.You are my Frank Churchill I’m your Jane Fairfax.You are my Jerome I’m your Nagiko.You are my Renton I’m your Diane. I was never, and never will be, one of those

Piperita DIY

Well, this is not the DNA to create your own Piperita from one of my hair: one Piperita is enough in this world I can assure you!!! 😉This week-end I felt handy and so I decided, after a short conversation earlier in the week with Sara, to build a light box!And as I’m always thinking