One bowl chocolate cake

10 tips on food blogging

The first food blog born in this world was Chocolate&Zucchini, by Clotilde Dusoulier: she blogs in English since september 2003, more then 10 years ago. In this last 10 years many things have changed, allowing more and more people to approach simpler ways to blog on the internet. And since Adam, one of the first USA

Lamb and artichokes fricassea

Well, a fricassea, oh my, what the hell it is? Actually it’s something very simple and very traditional in the Mediterranean cuisine: you can find in Italy, Greece and even France. 8 artichokes Juice 1 lemon 700 g lamb leg, cut in chunks 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 onion 1 tablespoon flour Freshly


There is saffron and saffron. Saffron from Africa, saffron from Asia, saffron from North America, saffron from Italy and Spain, and then there is a minor, tiny cultivation of saffron in Aveyron, France, chez my in laws! The picture above is the 2008 harvest from my in laws field: 2-3 grames of one of the

Sourdough Bread

I recently had the fortune to put my hands on a 22 years old pasta madre, levain, sourdough (kind courtesy of Semerssuaq*). I was always afraid of sourdough: I mean, it’s alive! What if it dies? What if I kill it??? Well, apparently it’s not so simple to kill it! If you take good weekly

Ask the cook!

Have you made some kind of mess? Your kitchen looks like a nuclear power explosion and you don’t know how to solve it? Your fridge is dead empty and you have to create a dinner for 6? Did I write something wrong in a recipe? Don’t you understand a recipe? Fill in this form and

Menu for Hope

As last year, and the three years before that, Pim is organized the biggest found rasing of the food blogosphere: Menu for Hope! Last year we raised more then 100.000 $ for the World Food Program, and this year we would love to raise even more!!! I decided to put together an Italian & French

Sablée Breton

My dear friend Sara organized a wonderful cookies swap to celebrate Christmas! She invited over some other girls, Italians, Americans, a French girl and we swapped all different kind of cookies. I brought 3 different kind of cookies: simple Italian cookies in the shape of hearts, cranberries rockies and this sablée Breton. Sablée Breton are