Scotland, August 2009

Fish and Chips, The Ship Inn, Elie, Scotland

For this summer our first choice was China, but something came up, so we had to decide for something nearer, fresher and more simple to travel to. We decided for Scotland, a place where we both wanted to go, as we already travelled all around England and Wales, but never set a foot in the land of Highlanders 😉

We decided for a tour of the northern lands visiting all the coast form south-east to south-west, going to the Orkney’s Islands,  through the Highlands, and some inner part (ruined by two days of pouring rain, but worth it nontheless).

Scotland is a beautiful country, inhabited by beautiful, kind, smiling and very welcoming people. It’s made of grey yet very fascinating cities, desert moors filled with few ships and many lakes, and tiny villages, made by few houses, on the shores of lochs, still devoted to fishing (or seals watching).

We loved Scotland!

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  1. I dream to visit one day, been to london too many times, husband promise me Scotland and Wales next!

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