Bavarois au safran et miel

Saffron Bavarese in the fridge

Bavarois is something quite simple to make, if you have patience, passion and a predisposition to make desserts.

Patience because you need to wait, to let the cream cool before to do anything else.

Passion because you need to come up with endless parings to make astonishing bavarois.

Predisposition because if you don’t know by instinct when the cream is enough whipped or the custard is thick enough, well, you fail… But anything can be learned!

For 6 people

3 egg yolks

250 ml milk

3 tablespoons honey

8 g (= 4 sheets) jelly

400 ml cream, chilled


A bavarois is made of 3 different steps: 2 preparations and an action.

First preparation: custard

Soak jelly sheets in cold water.

Hot the milk.

Beat egg yolks and honey in a saucepan with a think bottom.

Add the hot milk and keep beating, Turn on the fire and cook on a low fire, turning with a wooden spoon.

Cook until the custard cover the back of the wooden spoon with a thin layer.

Turn off the fire, add the soaked and drained jelly. Keep turning until dissolved.

Add as much saffron as needed to turn it pale yellow. Let it cool completely.

Second preparation: whipped cream

Once the custard is cool, whip the chilled cream until it make soft peaks.

Add it to the custard, slowly turning, being careful not to unwhip everything.

The action

Divide the cream in serving glasses or bowls and refrigerate for at least 6 hours, better overnight.

Let it rest at room temperature 30 minutes before to serve.

Serve with a sweet fresh wine, like a Monbazillac or better a Recioto di Soave.

Saffron Bavarese