How to recycle Easter chocolate

Easter chocolate! Traditionally in Italy Easter IS chocolate! Loads of chocolate! As you can see in Sara’s post we even tend to go quite big with our Easter chocolate eggs! And every year, especially if you have a child in the house, you’ll find your home filled with all different kind of Easter chocolate, in form

Coconut, hazelnut and chocolate scones

My passion for scones is known. This scones by Joy the Baker are just incredible! The first time I’ve them with almonds, as the recipe state, but then I switched to hazelnuts and they are as good as the original one! Try them: you’ll never forget them!

Chocolate brick

I know this blog is beginning to look like a chocolate blog, but with 2 little kids around me all the time, chocolate it’s just what you need (and crave) after a long exhausting day! Ingredients 150 g chocolate 250 ml double cream 50 g butter 100 g petit beurre (or other kind of thin, dry,

One bowl chocolate cake

Thanks to Sandra, who I follow on Pinterest (and read her blog I think since 2007) I found this gorgeous One bowl chocolate cake! Useless to put here the original recipe! I followed to the letter except for one minor change: I added less sugar to the Chocolate fudge frosting, let’s say 4-5 tablespoons. Few

Pumpkin Muffin with Chocolate Chip

One of the last pumpkin of the season, I know… Soon there will be asparagus and other spring vegetables… So, what better use than pumpkin muffins? Of course the best use of all is pumpkin risotto! But even the muffin are quite satisfying! Inspiration from Le Cordon Bleu – home Collection – Muffins. Ingredients 250

Chocolate biscotti

Those are real bis-cotti, which in Italian means cooked twice. The inspiration comes from Cantucci, the world wide acclaimed Tuscan biscotti, made with almonds. Those are a little different, and they probably look like a heresy to Tuscan people 😉 They are part of my hamper for Menu for Hope (read about the whole hamper

The best chocolate ever?

I don’t know if this is (was) the best chocolate in the world, but for sure is the best chocolate I’ve ever tried…Pierre Marcolini is a well known Belgian chocolatier and this carré was a present from a dear friend that went to Bruxelles and thought of me… I normally prefer dark chocolate, but I

Banana, pear and chocolate crumble

It was ages I wanted to try this recipe from the wonderful book Crumbles by Camille Le Foll. And then one merry day I had all the ingredients in the house and some friend to dine with, so I though it was the right moment! 3 pears2 bananas3 pieces of candied ginger For the crumbles:100


I do not really like chestnut and I absolutely hate marron glacé: too sweet for me, too decadent, too much, really!But once, in a French supermarket, a beautiful boite of chestnut purée draw my undivided attention and I bought it! The first time I used it I followed a recipe sent by one of this

SHF#27, Chocolate by brand: Cranberry and chocolate cookies

For this month Sugar High Friday, hosted by chocolate master David Lebovitz, the theme is (obviously) chocolate, not in general terms, but by brand.As I grew up near the Italy-Switzerland border, my entire childhood has been surrounded by chocolate of different kind and shapes: Lindor all year long (bought by kilos…), bunnies end huge eggs