The best chocolate ever?


I don’t know if this is (was) the best chocolate in the world, but for sure is the best chocolate I’ve ever tried…
Pierre Marcolini is a well known Belgian chocolatier and this carré was a present from a dear friend that went to Bruxelles and thought of me… I normally prefer dark chocolate, but I have to say that this incrusté of milk chocolate with pecan nuts and subtle perfumes of caramel was just astonishing!!! So wonderful that all I can show you is the beautiful box but not the chocolate, as it disappeared very quickly…


  1. Sam

    well – if they chocolate tasted anywhere near as good as the box looks then I know it must e incredible, because that box is just perfect looking in my mind

  2. Laurent

    I know very well Pierre Marcolini, i just organized a visit of his shop in brussel for some french food bloggers.

    His chocolate are really great. Chocolate square are great but you shoudl also try his praline and chocolate cake… real wonders

    If you come to brussel, visit his shop because it’s really wonderfull place.

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