How to recycle Easter chocolate

Easter chocolate!

Traditionally in Italy Easter IS chocolate! Loads of chocolate!

As you can see in Sara’s post we even tend to go quite big with our Easter chocolate eggs!

And every year, especially if you have a child in the house, you’ll find your home filled with all different kind of Easter chocolate, in form of eggs, bunnies and even some lambs and hens!
All made with chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

Is there a better period to remind you about all the wonderful chocolate recipes on this blog? (sometimes I’m quite impressed by all the recipes there are on this almost 10 years old blog 🙂

Few basic rules for substitution:

– if the original recipe call for dark chocolate, and you want to substitute it with milk or white, diminish the amount of sugar in the recipe.

– Remember white chocolate is more difficult to work then milk or dark.

Chocolate chips can be substitute with chopped milk or dark or white chocolate.

Here is a selections of recipes form the archives that you can try to recycle your Easter chocolate!