6 ideas with asparagus

In Italy we eat them with fried eggs, parmesan and melted butter, dipping the point on the egg yolk. The green ones are best known, especially where I come from, Varese, in the north: near by, in Cantello, there is a very well know Fiera dell’Asparago!

In France they eat them with Hollandaise sauce or ham. In Alsace you can find only the white ones.

My favorites are the wild young asparagus: very thin and very tasty!

But this vegetables are very versatile and easy to cook!

Here are six recipes I’m sure going to try (or try again) this spring!

For more recipes and ideas, you can have a look at my board on asparagus on Pinterest!

6 recipes with asparagus

How do you cook asparagus? What’s your favorite recipe?