10 recipes for strawberries drinks

Strawberry’s season is here! Why not enjoy some refreshing strawberries drinks?

I like my strawberries as they are: they are so good that I normally do not add sugar or anything else to them!

But sometimes, especially in the peak of the season, I tend to be carried away and I buy too much!

In France there are many different varieties of strawberries, all tasting differently: Charlotte, Gariguette, Mara de bois… In France they do not joke with their fraises!

One of the most iconic piece of French patisserie that you can find everywhere is the wonderful Tartelette aux fraise: when it’s well executed prepare yourself for a dream of crunchy pastry, aromatic créme pâtissiere and loads of strawberries!

The best way to enjoy strawberries, besides fresh and raw, it’s in drinks, where you can take advantage of their aroma and taste!

Here are 10 recipes for strawberries drinks: