Pumpkin Muffins recipes

A lazy sunday afternoon, searching for a recipe to use the remaining of one of the last pumpkin of the season, I’ve found so many recipes that I thought to give you the list of the 12 I’ve really liked at first sight. [nggallery id=2] Urban Comfort: Pumpkin Muffins The Pioneer Woman: Moist Pumpkin Spice

10 steps to (better) cooking: Fresh Ingredients

Last week we spoke about the ingredients of a basic pantry, what staples to have always at hand to be able to cook something from scratch at any time! Once you have flour, stock cubes, salt and all the rest, you absolutely need something in your fridge! And of course fresh fruits and vegetables! I’m

Pumpkin Muffin with Chocolate Chip

One of the last pumpkin of the season, I know… Soon there will be asparagus and other spring vegetables… So, what better use than pumpkin muffins? Of course the best use of all is pumpkin risotto! But even the muffin are quite satisfying! Inspiration from Le Cordon Bleu – home Collection – Muffins. Ingredients 250

10 steps to (better) cooking: The basic pantry

What do you really need in your pantry to be always ready to cook something? Of course the answer to this question is different for any and each of us, but there are some basic staples from which you can build your own pantry. The Basic Pantry Matchbox, 1, especially if you have a gas

Ragù di carne

  Bolognaise sauce, sauce bolognaise, ragù alla bolognese. Call it as you please, but please please please, make it in the right way! No strange stuff, like cilantro, cream, spring onions… Keep it simple and plain! The only difficult part, if you can call it so, it’s the long cooking hours, but you can cut

10 steps to (better) cooking – Introduction

Can I cook better in 10 easy steps? Sure you can! How? Well, as for everything in life, with a simple choice: you want to cook better, because you love yourself and the people around you, because you want to feel better and because making something with your own hand has a pleasure that nothing

Scotch Broth

We had some barley in the pantry, sitting there since ages. At my call “What can we possibly do?”, my husband answered “Isn’t there a Scottish soup with barley?”. And there was, of course: Scotch Broth! The cooking method is traditionally British: everything is boiled. No browning of the meat, no frying of onion, nothing…

Galette des Rois

Being married with a French means some French traditions too, especially the ones that feel the void in Italian traditions. One of this is the traditional cake French make for Epiphany. In Italy Epiphany is celebrated every year on the 6th of January, in France is the first Sunday of January. Italian tradition: during the

Tajine au citron confit

It has been more than 1 year since my last update. Many reasons, the biggest: our son entered our life one year ago. Shall I say more? Now, to the recipe! Last September my friend Domitilla, coming back from her home town Mondragone, brought us some wonderful organic lemons, directly form her mother’s tree! Is