10 steps to (better) cooking – Introduction

La lista della spesa

Can I cook better in 10 easy steps?

Sure you can!


Well, as for everything in life, with a simple choice: you want to cook better, because you love yourself and the people around you, because you want to feel better and because making something with your own hand has a pleasure that nothing can substitute!

So here it is: the simplest guide of all: 10 steps to better cooking, 10 self help lessons to let you become confident in the kitchen and around pans.

  1. The basic pantry
  2. Fresh ingredients
  3. Gear up!
  4. Cut, cut cut!
  5. How to choose a recipe
  6. How to read and execute a recipe
  7. Be brave, be confident
  8. Fire up your food!
  9. Spice up your food!
  10. Cook it!
  11. Bonus: how to shop


The program can vary depending on the mood of the cook.