Scotch Broth

We had some barley in the pantry, sitting there since ages. At my call “What can we possibly do?”, my husband answered “Isn’t there a Scottish soup with barley?”. And there was, of course: Scotch Broth! The cooking method is traditionally British: everything is boiled. No browning of the meat, no frying of onion, nothing…

Tajine au citron confit

It has been more than 1 year since my last update. Many reasons, the biggest: our son entered our life one year ago. Shall I say more? Now, to the recipe! Last September my friend Domitilla, coming back from her home town Mondragone, brought us some wonderful organic lemons, directly form her mother’s tree! Is

Lamb and artichokes fricassea

Well, a fricassea, oh my, what the hell it is? Actually it’s something very simple and very traditional in the Mediterranean cuisine: you can find in Italy, Greece and even France. 8 artichokes Juice 1 lemon 700 g lamb leg, cut in chunks 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 onion 1 tablespoon flour Freshly

Pasta with leek, endive and bacon

A few months ago I opened another food blog, in Italian, and I published the recipe that it’s at the base of this pasta. While I was cooking it I though it could have done a perfect side dish, *and* a perfect pasta dish 🙂 For 2 people 200 g high quality pasta, short kind

Stuffed and roasted guinea fowl

A good stuffed and roasted guinea fowl is something merry and wintery, that will add to your post-holiday dinner a reminder of the late Christmas and New’s year celebrations. 1 guinea fowl (enough for 4 to 6 people) For the stuffing: 300 g chestnuts, peeled and boiled (our chestnuts were a courtesy of a fellow

Daring Bakers: pizza

Or better, the best pizza dough I’ve ever made! 🙂 As you know, I’m Italian, and for some types of food I’m so snob! One of them is pizza, no wonder! Pizza was invented in my country, and any pizza I ate out of the border of Italy were practicly disgusting! Aka, I’m a food

Raw, part 3: lemon salmon

As my Sorrento Lemons were such an hit with the Daring Baker Challenge Lemon Meringue Pie, I thought to use them to marinate some my salmon too… Well, my husband thought of it… As simple as sad: thinly slice some salmon fillet and cover it with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Let it marinate for 20-30

Raw, part 2: chirashi, kind of

Well, the real chirashi is obviously different, better, with more fish…I’ve tried my best with what I had: it!So I used the same thin slices I used for the sushi and instead of doing little balls of the sushi rice, I put everything in a bowl, cover it with the fish and sprinkled it with

Raw, part 1: sushi, kind of

A short note on this raw posts: as you read, few days ago I bought a whole salmon of 2 kilos. I processed all that night, but as I’m lazy (and wise), I’ll give slow sips of what I did with it. This doesn’t mean I ate the fish, raw, after 1 week. It only

A nice slice of meat

I know: I’m neglecting this blog… I miss it!I miss to have enough time and organization to blog at least three times a week…But please: do not abandon me!!!!! 🙂 To prove you I’m alive (besides my flickr pictures!!!), kind of, here it’s one of our latest luch: a very nice slice of meat… But