A nice slice of meat

I know: I’m neglecting this blog… I miss it!
I miss to have enough time and organization to blog at least three times a week…
But please: do not abandon me!!!!! 🙂

To prove you I’m alive (besides my flickr pictures!!!), kind of, here it’s one of our latest luch: a very nice slice of meat… But I won’t tell WHICH kind of meat it is! 😉

A nice slice of MEAT!!!

Mmmh meat!


  1. Betty C.

    I wish I had more time for my cooking blog too. I’ve decided cooking blogging is one of the longest forms. You have to decide what to cook, cook it, remember to take pictures of it, write about it…no wonder we don’t find time.

    To me your photo just looks like a juicy steak, sort of a T-bone, but I’m not very good at steak cuts…

  2. Sara - Piperita

    @Vicky: no no, it’s almost impossible to find it in Italy…

  3. Vicki

    Umm…the American in me is slightly revolted. But I’m open-minded enough to ask – was it good?

  4. Sara - Piperita

    @Vicki: very… I know it’s not simple to think about it, but after the first mouthful is suddenly forgotten!

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