Raw, part 1: sushi, kind of

Salmon raw, part 1

A short note on this raw posts: as you read, few days ago I bought a whole salmon of 2 kilos. I processed all that night, but as I’m lazy (and wise), I’ll give slow sips of what I did with it. This doesn’t mean I ate the fish, raw, after 1 week. It only means I ate it that night, took picture of it, then published it little by little…

With my sushi book at end, I cleaned and cut the salmon accordingly to sushi cuts, and ended up with several fillets. A good part of them is nicely sleeping in the freezer, ready to be cooked. Few of them were processed as raw… While I was doing it, I wished for a thin Japanese knife… And I think I begin to save money for it… May be I’ll be able to buy one before my eighty birthday…
My husband made sushi rice: he’s better than me at it! You can find many recipes for that on-line
Once cooled, decided to make some little nice bowl, lay them on individual spoons, cover them with a thin slice of salmon fillet, and add over it some berries of pink pepper… I have to say that rwa salmon and pink pepper work like a blast: they are wonderful!!!


  1. Lori

    Salmon is my favorite type of sashimi! I can totally eat a whole platter of it by myself…in addition to a full Japanese dinner.

  2. A World in a PAN

    Hello Sara, I have come to your blog several times and every time I enjoy your recipes and style. Thus, I am giving you the You Made my Day Award! I was myself given this fun award by Aurea who was given it by ….
    Hope you’ll enjoy this trip into other blogs!

  3. Katie B.

    Sara – where did you get those lovely little spoons??!?!? I am smitten!

  4. nikkipolani

    I echo Katie’s comment above! The little spoons almost steal the show 🙂 Looking forward to reading about your salmon adventures.

  5. Sara - Piperita

    Well, girls, I should reveal my secret suppliers, but for you this and more! 😉
    those little spoons, among other tremendous cute stuff, were bought at Casa, a European chain of home goodies… There aren’t any in Italy, but there are many all over France and other European countries…

  6. Cynthia

    Sara I am so fortunate. I had a blogger friend send me some of these exact spoons! They are beautiful and I will treasure them forever.

  7. A World in a PAN

    I love you blog and pictures.
    The You Made my Day award is a way of getting people who regulalry visit other blogs to know about you. THere are a few quick simple steps to follow, so if you’re interested in going places you may not otherwise go, please refer to my post.
    Thank you,

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