Pasta with leek, endive and bacon

Pasta with endive, leek and bacon

A few months ago I opened another food blog, in Italian, and I published the recipe that it’s at the base of this pasta. While I was cooking it I though it could have done a perfect side dish, *and* a perfect pasta dish 🙂

For 2 people

200 g high quality pasta, short kind

200g diced bacon

1 Belgian endive

1 leek

1/4 glass white wine

Finely slice the leek and the Belgian endive.

In a large no-stick pan, heat the diced bacon and when the fat is begin to split out, add endive and leek. Stir fry for few minutes, then add the wine and let evaporate.

In the mean while, cook the pasta according to the package instructions.

Drain it al dente (the pasta must still have  a slightly hard heart) and toss it in the endive and leek pan.

Give a good stir and serve immediately.


  1. Nicola


    I’ve read your recipe and it looks really nice. I’m a Sicilian living in UK, and I’ve been looking for endive for a while, with no luck. I’d like to cook Focaccia Messinese (we use something called scarola, or indivia) do you know any chain that is selling it?


  2. Hi Nicola,
    Lucky me I live in Italy, so I have no problem findig endive… Have you tried Marks&Spencer? Or some organic local producers…
    Good luck in your search and come back to share the recipe of Focaccia Messinese: never tried it 🙁

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