9 best Italian recipes

Over the years I have published many recipes, and among them a lot of Italian traditional recipes, coming directly from the heritage of my extended Italian family of relatives and friends form all over the peninsula. Here is a little selection of  Italian recipes that you can enjoy with friends and family! First of all

How to cook pasta

You may think that cooking pasta is something fairly simple. May be. But are you cooking it in the way you should? Are you really sure that it’s only a matter of boiling water? Water You need at least 1 litre of water for each 100g of pasta. At least means that you shouldn’t, under

Pasta with leek, endive and bacon

A few months ago I opened another food blog, in Italian, and I published the recipe that it’s at the base of this pasta. While I was cooking it I though it could have done a perfect side dish, *and* a perfect pasta dish đŸ™‚ For 2 people 200 g high quality pasta, short kind

Cozze e broccoli

Cozze e broccoli

I had this idea in mind: a nice dish of pasta with mussels and broccoli. The problem was, as you can understand from the picture, that I cooked broccoli too much and all I end up with were just the stalks, while the nice green flowers were all over my sink… So, in the recipe,