Bagels, please!

I’m Italian and I’ve almost ever lived in Italy (if you take off some month in France and some others in England…). And that should be enough to explain you which kind of relationship I can have with bagels: none! I’ve seen them in movies, on tv, but I’ve never ate a REAL one in

Raisins and cinnamon swirl

Give me something light and not too sweet for breakfast. Give me something yeasty too. Give me a simple, quick, plain recipe, that can be made by everyone. Give me something I can made over the weekend and that will last at least few days. Give me something with LOADS of raisins in it.Can you

World bread day

I know, banana bread, especially this extremely reach version, is not strictly bread, but has the name bread in the name, so, is bread in some way, or at least for some cultures.The originl recipe is from Nigella Lawson’s How to be a domestic goddess, and for once I followed it to the last pinch