Live from London!!!

It’s sunny! It’s hot!So far, I drunk an Orangina (I know, it’s not English, but everywhere I find Orangina, I drink it!!!) and ate a tuna and avocado wrap!I found a wireless connection not encripted…Tonight I go to google’s offices for a dinner party… What would I want more then this????????

London calling to the underworld come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls…

UPDATE!I wanted to check out a dim sum restaurant.What do you think if we meet the 6th of June at Chuen Cheng Ku, 17 Wardour Street (Piccadilly), from 12.30 pm, for lunch? I will be there, red hair, black glasses… I don’t know if I have any English readers or followers (and even less if

Milano: let’s meet

For anyone who would like to come, tomorrow night I will be at NordEst, a funky bar in Milan, for a reading by an Italian author, Gian Luca Favetto.He will read extracts form his book “L’Italia, provincia del Giro – Storie di eroi, strade e inutili fughe”.I will be there, from 9pm… If you would

In the open

I’ve been thinking about this post for a few months.I was fighting with myself for the way I was going to write it, how many and which informations I was going to put in it, what “impact” it would have (as I have some kind of “impact” on anything outside my little shiny room from


Tonight is a big night: in one hour we are leaving for Franciacorta, homeland of the Italian Champagne, where my hubby will be officially proclaimed somellier by AIS (the Italian Sommelier Association, with whom he attended three long years of courses).We will be having dinner and staying overnight here.And then tomorrow I will head to


Finally I’m able to find a recipe (worth, at least) and the time to update my blog (at the end it made me find a job, so how can I neglect it????)!And let’s begin this post with a sonic “OMG, it’s hell-hot!” And it’s not even the worst yet, as it is only 35° C…So,

Food photography for dummies

At the end I had to: I’ve decided, tempted by a good offer, to oblige my (poor) French husband to buy me, for my birthday (that is in 4 month…) a Canon Eos 350D! Yeah, I know, I’m a slaver! 😉As the camera is not yet in my hands (because of the offer, Milan shops

I have a new idol!

I love food communities, and I think Serious Eats is one of the best: they are funny, wit and smart and they have that certain edge (that I like) when speaking about food: it’s a serious matters, ok, but a bit of lightness never hurt anybody!through them I’ve just discover my new idol: Mr. Minimalist

Warning: no food realted post

Update: and at this point, will our super chic, super wit, super bright heroine win over the ugly, nasty and evil hobbit? (No offence to hobbits)Sorry, after watching all the debate, my nice inspirational mood of early morning was washed away by too many “Madame, are you nervous? Why?”, said with that nasty smile on