Warning: no food realted post

Update: and at this point, will our super chic, super wit, super bright heroine win over the ugly, nasty and evil hobbit? (No offence to hobbits)
Sorry, after watching all the debate, my nice inspirational mood of early morning was washed away by too many “Madame, are you nervous? Why?”, said with that nasty smile on his face… Grrr…

I’m married with a French man, we live in Italy, and this Sunday he is going to vote for the second round of the French presidential election at the Milan French Consulate.
I’m watching the debate that took place yesterday night.
I’m almost in tears… Happy tears!
6 month ago I told my husband that if Ségolène Royal was going to win, we were moving to France.
Watching the debate, honestly, I would like to live in France even if Sarko (and I assure I don’t like him AT ALL) wins…
Such class, charm, wit, both of them use their brain.
Of course Ségolène says what I want to ear form the head of the state I would like to live in, but I realize that even the Sarko point of view is understandable.
Let’s speak clearly: they are both great politician, they know what they are doing and what they are going to do. Italian politicians don’t: they don’t know what they are doing, they don’t even know what they would like to do…
W la France!
And now I’m going to look how much will it cost a nice little flat… Toulouse, maybe Lyon… Paris is to expensive, but we’ll never know… 😉
And if everything goes wrong, there is always the possibility that Hilary will win in 2008!!!


  1. Adi

    Brava Pip!!!
    Anch’io sto pensando seriamente ad emigrare..
    Se non ci sarà un ricambio nella nostra classe politica (ma quando mollano..) è l’unica soluzione.

    ciao e complimenti seguo sempre il tuo blog!


  2. Helene

    Hey Sara. I am French, married to an American, and I had to go through mush hoops and loops to vote this time, probably the last as I feel more and more remote every year.
    Toulouse is a great choice, beautiful town (my brother lives there).I am from Aix en Provence and made a pact with hubby that we would retire there. Can’t wait!

  3. Sara - Piperita

    @Helene: I love Aix!!! When we go to visit my in laws in Aveyron we always stop for a visit!!! Once we were there just before Christmas and the fair with the treize desserts!!! Magic!

  4. Elle

    Hope you get to move to France. Glad to meet you, fellow Daring Baker.

  5. Elisa

    Sara condivido il tuo punto di vista…solo una cosa: i politici italiani, indipendentemente dallo schieramento, sanno benissimo cosa stanno facendo: i propri interessi e questo a loro piace molto 🙁

  6. nika

    Please excuse my confusion.. I woke up today to hear that the guy won the french election… It seems like from your post that you are saying that the woman won.. but maye I am just misunderstanding.

    Any chance you can help me figure it out?

    If you are moving to France this means that you wanted the guy to win?

  7. Sara - Piperita

    @Nika: sometimes I get all exited writing something, and maybe I do not explain myself in a clear way… :-S
    So, I would have liked if Ségoléne won, but unluckily French decided otherwise… I don’t like Sarkozy, but compared to the Italian politics is a gentleman! And that was the point of my stupid post: even Sarkozy looks valuable if you live in Italy!
    But I won’t move to France, that’s for sure! That was just a joke! 🙂

  8. I have family all over France including Toulouse and i think that Toulouse and Albi are probably the 2 cities that i would move to if i was going to go anywhere in France. I must agree with you about Sarkozy however and I believe that Solegne would have been a much wiser choice.

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