Food blogger 2.0: a new specie in the world

The food blogger 2.0 is a really rare specie. It can live in every part of the world, in every environment, not only where it can find good food.It lives mainly for the purpose of its food blog: cooking and taking picture of food. It can have many interest, but food it’s the main objective

The best kept secret in food photography

What could make you the best food photographer in the world isn’t only a good camera, good lenses or style…No, no, my dearest! The best kept secret in food photography is a more than 300€ tool called Aperture: I’m trying the 30 days free trial and it already changed my life after one hour… And

I love Italy, but…

I really love my country! And my compatriots (well, not everybody, but you know…). As I had many experiences outside Italy I can really see all the pro and co of my wonderful country…But today I’m pissed, and I decide to say it in a public display!My dsl line is supplied by Wind Infostrada. I

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

It wasn’t a period of civil war, but a period of great heat, and the less I’m near the oven/fires, the better I feel!And this quiche is cooked in the oven for 25 minutes without looking after it, prepared in 5 minutes top and could be eat either cold or warm… 2 courgettes200 g of


For my work with San Lorenzo I have, among other stuff, to organize events, both in Italy and England. Should I express the happiness that surround me since I have to do this kind of job, or is a given??? πŸ˜€For the next week-end, the last of June, we are launching a new monthly event:

It’s London baby!!!

Well, I’m in London, again! Sorry if I haven’t said anything, but it’s just a very quick visit…It was a sunny and hot day and I had the wonderful opportunity (and for this I will never stop to thank Walid from TrustedPlaces!!!) to meet some gorgeous people and have a good look around London Borough

Do you think food bloggers use Internet at its highest potentials?

Lately I’m hanging out with a lot of “internet people” (aka people working in Internet companies, involved both in contents and logistics, software, hardware, stuff like that), and I’ve realized something…They all have a blog, since ages, a flickr account, a tumblr blog, they use twitter, they know all about the latest google innovations and