Warning: this post is not (mainly) food related, but rather a silly post and absolutely NOT serious!

Today I was in the underground heading back home from work and there was a lady reading Pride and Prejudice, one of my favourite books. For one second I thought: “Now I ask her if she’s in love with Mr. Darcy”… I didn’t, mainly because I thought that, of course, she was in love with


UPDATE: Thanks to a link that dear Sam left on a comment to the post I wrote at the Food Blog S’coll, I think I was able to fix the problem… If you see something wrong, write asap!!!! Aggiornamento: Grazie a Sam, che mi ha lasciato un link nei commenti a un post che ho

My top ten of 2006 and 5 thing you shouldn’t/wouldn’t know about me

When Sigrid tagged me for this meme I thought: Oh, no… But then I began to look at the entries of last year, my first year of blogging, and I realize that I did some “amazing” things that I couldn’t dare if I had no one but my family and friends to share it with…

This year I dare: 1 done!!!

I am so excited!!! Fist of all, I did master one recipe written by him! Second, I did macarons! For the second time (we don’t want to speak about the first time, do we? Horrible horrible memories.. ), but they came quite right this time: I would like them more puffed, but I’m quite satisfied!

My Kitchen…

… it’s what I am: messy and sunny!!! Happily participating to the event my friend Ilva proposed, here are some picks of my kitchen.When we moved in our actual flat the former owner ask us if we wanted to keep the original kitchen for a ridiculous price. As the kitchen was only 3 years old,

This year I dare…

Following this good idea form my friend Ilva, at Lucullian Delights, I will provide for future reference (:-D today I’m so funny I laugh all alone for my pointless choice of words!!!) the list of the five attempts I will try this year, not in chronological order, not even in challenging order, just random:1. Macarons:

It’s finnaly over!

Ok, now I can say it: this year I couldn’t care less about Xmas… I didn’t care about celebration, decoration, “sanctification” or any ation concerning Xmas…But finally it’s over and I can say it… I wanted to be mean, but I couldn’t (at least not as much as I wanted), I wanted to be grumpy,

Where have I been?

Well, absolutely nowhere, just here, only without any technological support… But, thanks to the incoming Christmas, all this was resolved with a simple credit card purchase…Proudly writing form my new iMac, I have almost nothing to publish, expect these little white towers of petit Suisse we brought back from our last trip in France… Keeping