Food photography for dummies

At the end I had to: I’ve decided, tempted by a good offer, to oblige my (poor) French husband to buy me, for my birthday (that is in 4 month…) a Canon Eos 350D! Yeah, I know, I’m a slaver! 😉
As the camera is not yet in my hands (because of the offer, Milan shops run out, so my father bought it for me in Varese), I was “preparing” for the big moment (me? a control freak??? Noooo….) downloding brochure from the Canon web site. And look what I found???
A brochure for macro lenses that on page 6 explain you how a nice lady with a nice apron can take pictures that “Looks like professional cooking” in a bit, using a 500 € camera + 600 € macro lenses!!! If it could be just the camera, the world would be saved in a click!!!
I think all the Bourdain reading during flu made me bitter… 😉


  1. Culinary Cowgirl

    Too funny! I just told my husband that I wanted to upgrade to a SLR…his reply “that darn food blog of yours!”

    Must buy the Bourdain book…

  2. drNO

    I should get a new camera too.
    U r very right.
    It must be the camera. hmmm….how do I persuade my hubby to be me one….:)

  3. Robyn

    Ooh dear I just got a new macro lens! But not for a gajillion dollars…about $250. Euh.

    OH THE THINGS WE DO TO TAKE NICE FOOD PHOTOS! Yay for your husband! 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Look at the Canon EF 50mm macro.

    Its an older design but takes great shots for less $$ than the EFS 60mm macro in your catalog.

  5. rowena

    You GO GIRL!! That’s the camera I’ve got, but I haven’t the macro lens!! Anyway, it is a nice toy to play with, and when you get tired of taking photos of food (heaven forbid!), you can always eat the results. 😛

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