In the open

I’ve been thinking about this post for a few months.
I was fighting with myself for the way I was going to write it, how many and which informations I was going to put in it, what “impact” it would have (as I have some kind of “impact” on anything outside my little shiny room from which I’m writing this! AH!AH!AH!), how many insults I will receive…
As few of you know, I was (and I would like to stress on the past sense) in the catering business. I’m not any more. Why?
Well, the first answer to this would spontaneously be: “mind your own business!”, but as I’m writing this on my blog it would sound a bit hypocritical! (hey, I wrote the last word perfectly right all by myself!!! And that was a difficult one!)
I didn’t want any more to be part of it, but the matter is not simple. As I wasn’t the only person involved, and the other person is going on with the business, I don’t want to get a legal charge for what I might say! So that’s as far as I’m going on the catering matter!
Any way, that’s not the story I wanna tell!
Two days after I went “public” with my decision I was offered with a job!
I wrote to Antonio, whom I had known through my blog, months back, and for whom I was writing recipes, to change everything and cut away the name of my former catering company, and just leave my name.
He asked me what I wanted to do from then.
Well, that was the major problem! It wasn’t that I hadn’t given a thought to this, but I had no real strategic plan! I was too relieved to get free of a suffocating situation, that I hadn’t really thought of anything…
So I wrote him my ideas… He cut everything short and he gave me the opportunity, if I was willing to take it, to become San Lorenzo Country blogger for England.
Well, what do you think my answer was???
And next week I’m heading to London for my first “”””””business trip””””””!!!

Well, why am I writing all this?
Self-promotion, primarily… 🙂
To assure you that my “integrity” (:-DDDDDDD, sorry, I can’t stop laughing!!! I’m so funny!!!) as a food blogger is well kept and safe: I won’t do any advertising on this blog, if not related to my personal life…
Because I’m a self-centred person (but well, you know, I have my own blog, so that was established more then one year and half ago when I published the first post…)…
Because I like what I do and I wanted to share it…
Because I have few passions, one of it is good food, and I like to share it…
Because you don’t want to know about tv series (possibly stupid and American) or books or movies or cross-stitching or cats, right??? 😉 (Well, about the last one I’m managing to do something too ;-D)
Because I have no recipe pending, and I’m not really into cooking lately (still with flu, but on drugs, many drugs!)…
Because I want, from now on, everything in the open (for more, check the backstage!), everything being as much spontaneous as possible, everything clear…

And I’m ready for that! Are you?

Every finger in a row is pointing at me […]
Everyday I crucify myself
Nothing I do is good enough for you
Crucify myself
Everyday I crucify myself
And my [blog] is sick of being in chains…

P.S. Sorry for little quote that nobody will understand, but she‘s coming… She‘s just few days away… And I’m the most thrilled person in the world!!! 🙂


  1. Rachel Rae

    Congrats! I hope you still have time to blog with your new job!

  2. Ivonne

    I admire your courage in writing this, Sara! I really do. While I’m sure it must have been difficult, you are very brave and I’m so happy to hear about your new opportunity that I know will lead you to bigger and better things!


  3. Robyn

    Yaay, congrats! I hope I one day get invited to visit London for a business trip. ;D

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