The thousand nights and a night

I am very fond of Middle East patisserie. There are few Arabian patisseries in Milan, quite good actually, but do it yourself is always better: you can choose the amount of honey, butter and sugar, so it is not too honey, too buttery or excessively sweet.And you can play around with ingredients. Baklava defines a

Goody good!

Tarte Tatin is one of my favourite desert: always a hit, always a save soirée! You just need apples, butter, flour, sugar and egg and the trick is done…Tatin sisters invented it in the end of 19th century by accident, cooking some apple for too long, so the sugar did caramelize, and placing the pastry

Mmmh, crispy!

Just a quick and simple appetizer for an informal dinner: hot smoked mini scamorze (scamozine) wrapped in crispy bacon.Scamorza is an Italian cheese, either smoked or plain. It is made in the same way of mozzarella (both are stretched cow raw milk cheese), but has a dry and harder texture, not milky at all. You

Making the Pantry

Every spring, summer and fall I stuff my pantry with lots of home made jams, marmalades and preserves.Red onions jam is one of my favourite: of course is a savoury jam, not a sweet one you spread on bread first thing in the morning! You can taste it with meat, alone on bread, or as

The simplest entrée on earth

Peaches season is just going to end, so why don’t take all their sweetness and make something simple yet good???During winter you can replace them with pears, plums, or even apples.What to say about Roquefort? I think is one of the best cheese in the world! I discovered it thank to my French husband: his

Lettera aperta ai lettori/commentatori/avventori/amici di questo blog

Carissimi, come state? Questa mia per informarvi che fra qualche giorno questo blog verrà pubblicato solo in inglese. Forse riuscirò a tradurre almeno le ricette su un altro blog, vi farò sapere, ma non do la certezza di aver il tempo necessario per fare un lavoro di queste dimensioni. Non sono mica super Cannella io!!!

WHB #50, the Recap

Recap time!First of all, many thanks to all the participants: I hope I will be able to answer your mail through the day!Many thanks to Kalyn, who invented the Weekend Herb Blogging, and to Ilva too, who let me know about it!So, now, Recap Piperita’s Style, or rather control freak! Participants: 16, including myself. Worldwide

WHB #50, the Recipe

This week-end I’m hosting Week-end Herb Blogging, normally hosted by Kalyn, but sometime on the road around the world!And I’m thrilled about it for many reasons!First of all, all the new blogs I will discover doing the recap.Secondly, I had to get out of my usual laziness and finally post again a little entry in