Salade mixte avec chèvre chaud

Yep, still here! 🙂 I haven’t blogged for 1 moth and half, doomed working too much on a new job… And I realized 3 thing: – Working too much is not worth it – I missed my blog, desperately! – Life is too short and I would love to spend most of our time having

Spaghetti con pomodorini e bottarga

Bottarga! I just love bottarga! I’m lucky enough to have a friend who’s half Sardinian and everytime she visits her relatives in Alghero she always bring me back bottarga! And fresh bottarga is something you’ll never want to live without! One fo the best way to enjoy it is sure iver a slice of warm

Carrots and cumin soup

Carrots are good… Carrots are nice… Carrots are orange…And when outside everything is grey, orange CAN save you! Orange can make you happy! Then you open the pressure cooker you had used to cook everything, and you see everything orange, because the steam just burnt your finger! And life is less nice then before, but,

Rice to the world

Today I’m slightly excited for some reasons:– I drank to much coffee in the last days so I’m easily amused and excited!!!– it’s our fourth wedding anniversary! 🙂– a friend gave me two computer programs that defining them awesome is not enough! Thanks Kikmuk!– today I’m going to lunch in my favourite Japanese Restaurant with

Crocchette di zucchine

Again something Greek inspired. Those simple appetisers are quick and you wouldn’t find anybody who dislike them (except my father, but that’s because he hates courgettes over anything else!). 4 courgettes 1 onion Mint leavesBasil leaves Salt and pepper 4 egg yolks Bread crumbs 100 g of grated parmesan Grate the courgettes very finely and

Summer! Summer! Summer: Greek Salad

We’ve been to Greece just once, in September 2001, and since then we would love to go back and have an extensive tour of all the islands. For which we would need more then three weeks, so we keep postponing it!!!But just to remind us how beautiful Greece is we make often, especially during summer


If there is something addicted about Greek cuisine, that is tzatziki for sure! I can eat kilos of it, on bread or pitta, alone, with chips…Sure, right after that comes moussaka, another Greek addiction, but it’s a bit more complex and a bit more wintery, so maybe this fall I will give the recipe of

Daring Bakers: Real Honest Jewish Purist’s Bagels

Wow! Always challenging our daring bakers contests!!! I made bagels just once in my life, few month ago, and I was ready to try a new recipe and give it another chance to improve!And this recipe, even if in mammoth proportions, is wonderful! Luckily I made them for friends coming over, so they were just

Salted twists

Lately I’m more on simple, quick and not so complicated stuff then anything else… It’s hot here in Italy, and the hotter it is, the sleepier I am…So, simple, quick, even for friends coming over to dinner!This twists are wonderful with a sparkle of fleur de sel or some parmigiano or other grated cheese or

Donna Hay’s Verrines

Have I said somewhere else how much I love the Donna Hay style?It’s just wonderful, or at least it is exactly what I would like to achieve: special made simple. Or, as a friend would say, less is more…And Donna, a great stylist, made a wonderful effort to make all this possible even for us.