Spaghetti con pomodorini e bottarga

Spaghetti con pomodorini e bottarga

Bottarga! I just love bottarga!

I’m lucky enough to have a friend who’s half Sardinian and everytime she visits her relatives in Alghero she always bring me back bottarga! And fresh bottarga is something you’ll never want to live without!

One fo the best way to enjoy it is sure iver a slice of warm bread, spread i with a bit of butter and plenty of bottarga thin slices!

The other great way is with spaghetti and cherry tomatoes, grated!

I really love bottarga!!!


  1. oh my father would just love this ! it’s so fresh looking, that pasta looks amazing ! and reminds me why i don’t eat pasta in the UK, there’s nothing like that here, well not that an italian would find acceptable! but maybe thats just my ‘cooking’!

    wonderful pictures, wonderful food! must be lunch time! YUM

  2. Hi Sara, your new home is lovely. The header is particularly inviting.

    I tried subscribing to your new feed but I got a message saying that there is error in the code.

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