Summer! Summer! Summer: Greek Salad

Greek Salad.jpg

We’ve been to Greece just once, in September 2001, and since then we would love to go back and have an extensive tour of all the islands. For which we would need more then three weeks, so we keep postponing it!!!
But just to remind us how beautiful Greece is we make often, especially during summer month, what we European call Greek salad. If you can find very good and fresh ingredients it will be a must on you table too!
Of course I thought: why not make verrines out of it??? You can always make a verrine, remember!!! Verrines are our friends!

Cucumber, peeled and diced
Red pepper, diced

Spring onion, minced

Cherry tomatoes, halved

Feta cheese, diced
Black olives
Extra-virgin olive oil

In your glasses, layer the ingredients in the order you prefer (I gave you the ingredients in the order I used them). Dress with dry or fresh oregano and drops of extra-virgin olive oil.
Serve it right away.

Greek salad 1.jpg


  1. Meeta

    I love Greece too. We were there las year and the food is incredible. So is your salad. It looks totally colorful and full of summer!

  2. savory-fan

    Hi! I like the Meditarian meal and this salad is one from my favorits. I add to this salad big black Greek olives too. Your idea to use plastic glasses is great!

  3. Sara - Piperita

    @Meeta: thanks! 🙂

    @Savory-fan: those are not plastic: are made of glas… Do they look plastic? Because in Italy we cannot fond plastic glasses like that… 🙂

  4. Anna

    The layering is genius. What a great way to present salad! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  5. Deborah

    This makes me want to visit Greece! I guess I will have to settle with serving these for dinner one night…

  6. Mercedes

    These look delicious! Oh how I’m craving good feta- it’s terribly difficult to find in the US!

  7. At Home with kim vallee

    The dishing is perfect for picnics and outdoor casual parties. I like it!

    By the way, I enjoy reading the little bits about your life story. I am glad you found what you like to do with your life. It is so important. I could use your last phrase for myself (re: husband and blog).

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