Donna Hay’s Verrines

Donna Hay Verrines.jpg

Have I said somewhere else how much I love the Donna Hay style?
It’s just wonderful, or at least it is exactly what I would like to achieve: special made simple. Or, as a friend would say, less is more…
And Donna, a great stylist, made a wonderful effort to make all this possible even for us. She accomplished many perfect combination, without all the fuss of molecular gastronomy or the overrated fake elegance of a three star chef… (Uh, that was tough… Sorry, I’m in need of basic stuff lately!)
Like this combination of three basic ingredients: couscous, feta and beetroot. Together they make your mouth (and your soul) very happy and satisfied, a feeling that you would never imagine from something so simple… The best way to taste it is with the couscous still warm and dressed just with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Mint was for decoration, but wasn’t bad at all!


  1. Peabody

    These flavors sound great and those photos make it look great.

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