Carrots and cumin soup

Carrot and cumin soup

Carrots are good… Carrots are nice… Carrots are orange…
And when outside everything is grey, orange CAN save you! Orange can make you happy!

Then you open the pressure cooker you had used to cook everything, and you see everything orange, because the steam just burnt your finger! And life is less nice then before, but, you know, you still have your orange (f#@§%&*) soup to relay on!
And you even manage, between ice, arnica cream, lint and band-aid to shoot your f#@§%&* soup to publish everything on that f#@§%&* blog of yours…
And this morning, with you band-aid finger (because you burnt the ring finger of your RIGHT hand, not the left, no, no!) you even try to write a post about it, telling the 10 people that read your f#@§%&* blog that you put carrots, potatoes (and if you still have some turnip in the fridge, too), coarse salt, grounded ginger and cumin seeds in a nice sauce pan (no pressure cooker!), with enough water to cover everything, and cook it until everything is tender, then you blend everything and you eat it. If you feel like splurging, add a drop of cream…

Nice story, no?


  1. nikkipolani

    Aw Sara, I’m so sorry about your burn! The sacrifices you make for your blog readership! I have been meaning to try a carrot soup and may have to give your recipe a try. It sounds easy and good for a cold night. Hope your hand heals quickly.

  2. Katerina

    Don’t worry too much about your burn, eventually you will burn those finger tips right off and you won’t be able to feel it anymore, trust me I have experience!

    Plus, this picture is totally worth it. I love carrot soup, I made a version recently with cashews that was really yummy.

  3. Betty C.

    Ouch! Mais ce sont les risques du métier…

    I think this will be my next soup.

    Is carvi the same as cumin, BTW?
    I have both but thought carvi was different somehow…

  4. Sara - Piperita

    @Betty: cumin and carvi should be the same thing… At least they have the same smell! 🙂

  5. A World in a PAN

    I love this recipe! I am going to try it tomorrow!
    This morning I bought four different types of carrots at my local farmer market in Paris. Please, visit
    As I said in my blog, I sauteed some – maybe you care to try my recipe too.
    But still had several left and I was browsing the web in search of the tempting one. Thank you!

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