Bigoli for ever and ever

I’ve just realized that I’ve never spoke of Bigoli on this blog!!! That’s incredible!Since the first bite I had of this wonderful pasta I was in love!Let’s go back in time… It was our first tour in Veneto, winter of 2002 or 2003, and we were in a nice little restaurant in Verona, near the

Vegetable lasagne

It’s spring, and I’m sick! Outside is beautiful all the time, sunny (except a major storm this morning!), hot, enjoyable, and all I can do is to stay inside, all covered, coughing… And so I NEED comfort food, I really do!!!I don’t know where I found the strength to cook lasagne, not even where I’m

Monthly Mingle: Spring (rainy) soup

It’s finally raining!!! After a very long period of sun (and it was beginning to annoying me: I love rain!!!) we finally have a long deserved rain! So now everybody can complain about rain, and how it will ruin the crops, and that of course veggy and fruits will be expensive… Exactly how they would

Queen of Hearts Queen of Spades

One of my favorite characters from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is, of course, the magnificent Queen of Hearts: she is so mean, so pushy, so overbearing, so merciless that it’s a real pleasure to watch her punishing a very annoining Alice!To the contrary, in the book, I stand with Alice against the dictatorial Queen…And now

Verrines, again and again and again…

Ok, I have to admit it: I’m obsessed with verrines… It’s that once you’ve started making them, your only thought will be about making them every time someone come along… They are so cute, so fast and so flexible that they scream: “MAKE ONE”! Now do you understand why on the last Cuisine et vins

Verrines, strange stuff and other food pics…

Well, verrines are absolutely at their highest in France! You see them everywhere, salted, sweet, to take away… They put inside a verrine practically anything!And maybe in two, three, four years some “clever” Italian chef will begin to use them telling everybody how smart he is… Well, we’ll know he’s wrong! Now tell me: who

The wind that shakes the barley

This is not at all an Irish recipe, as the title would suggest, but a very Italian one! Cooking other ingredients like you will do for risotto is quite common, even for pasta. Of course you always have to adjust the timing.Barley is very good cooked with the absorption method, especially in the pressure cooker:

Mon monsieur

No, this is not a picture of my French hubby, but the picture of the croque monsieur I made for fun yesterday night.Well, croque monsieur is another of those simple stuff that it’ so simple to get it wrong! Too much cheese compare to the ham, stale bread, poor quality ham and/or cheese… Well, so

Il boccone perfetto

My dear friend F is always in search of the perfect bite (il boccone perfetto)! Whenever she can find herself in front of different options, she struggle to have a mounthful of a combination of ingredients just to obtain the perfect blend of flavours and texture all in one bite, that goes directly in her

Green Sformatini

“Again? She made sformatini again???”Oh yeah! And you know why? Because they are so simple I’m not ashamed to show them on this blog forever and ever.“Yeah, ok, but she could choose not to publish them!”And why???? The way I made them is absolutely the same, but I slightly changed the ingredients and they are