Rice to the world

Today I’m slightly excited for some reasons:
– I drank to much coffee in the last days so I’m easily amused and excited!!!
– it’s our fourth wedding anniversary! 🙂
– a friend gave me two computer programs that defining them awesome is not enough! Thanks Kikmuk!
– today I’m going to lunch in my favourite Japanese Restaurant with a dear friend
– I’m pondering an afternoon off-line (OMG! An ENTIRE afternoon off-line????), as I have to prepare myself for something I’m gonna do tomorrow…

What am I gonna do tomorrow???
I’m going to shoot a short documentary in the paddy field of Riseria Greppi, the rice producers for San Lorenzo
Which kind of skill I, the Piperita, the reject of the Italian blogosphere (and proud to be it! ;-D) could have to accomplish a task like this?
Absolutely none! Ask my “boss” why is sending me! 😉 Maybe just because I propose him to go and do it…
I’m going there with a friend, a professional director of short movies, who will held the actual shooting, and we’ll be filming the Greppi’s brothers while they’ll tell us about their job, their link to the terroir and the rice they produce…
If everything goes well (I mean, I do not pretend to be the female version of Jonathan Nossiter, even if it would be cool!) it will be a wonderful experience!
How many times, in front of chatty French wine producers, I though “How nice would be to have a video camera in my hands!!!”…
I hope it will happen even in front of the Greppi’s! Or as my husband calls them: the Mondini! Mondina were the women working inside the paddy field, bend to take away the weeds form the water fields where the rice grows. It doesn’t exists the male counterpart…
Ok, I don’t get started with any feminist issue… 🙂

That’s it: simply cool!


  1. Anonymous

    my best wishes for your forth weddindg anniversary! and good luck for the documentary!!!

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