My Kitchen…

… it’s what I am: messy and sunny!!!

Happily participating to the event my friend Ilva proposed, here are some picks of my kitchen.
When we moved in our actual flat the former owner ask us if we wanted to keep the original kitchen for a ridiculous price. As the kitchen was only 3 years old, fully equipped and practically new, we cheerfully agreed.

I don’t really like its colours (too bright for me) and the home appliances are not the best (all shitty-Ariston: I had to change the washing machine, I had to repair the dishwasher five times in the last three years, and the fridge is doing a strange noise since two summers ago…). I don’t like the exhaust fan like that, in the open: it’s always dirty and full of stuff!

I quite like it overall, and it’s really practical to work in it, with a lot of working space. The oven is higher than in normal kitchens, and this is one of the feature I will sure would like in our future kitchen. I like the tile walls, neat and cleanable. I like that it has direct access to the balcony, my second fridge during the winter. I like that I have a lot of space for everything: storage, dishes, pans… At the end I like most of it!


  1. ilva

    Thanks Pip, it looks great! Hope to see it in IRL sometime!

  2. Kristen

    It’s a lovely kitchen 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

    You have made a great use of the small space. I have tile too, and agree that is is so easy to clean.

  4. Sally

    I have my clothes drying in my kitchen, and you have your washing machine! Too funny!! That cupboard above the washer…is that a pantry cupboard? What is that strange material on the door? I like your kitchen – it’s quirky like mine!

  5. Piperita

    @Sally: the cupboard above the washer is PART of the pantry, mainly teas, seeds, nuts, chocolate…
    The material for the door is glass…
    W quirky kitchens!!!

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