This year I dare…

Following this good idea form my friend Ilva, at Lucullian Delights, I will provide for future reference (:-D today I’m so funny I laugh all alone for my pointless choice of words!!!) the list of the five attempts I will try this year, not in chronological order, not even in challenging order, just random:
1. Macarons: French are crazy about them, after tasting Pierre Hermè macarons I’m crazy about them, and they are one of the most difficult stuff I’ve ever tried (it can be looking like cheating, but I’ve tried them only once last year…)
2. One of the difficult recipes from PH10, the latest addition to my bookshelf. I give myself the option to choose it on the right day with the right mood…
3. A beautiful cake like this one (I know it’s not a matter of preparation (easy peasy), but just look, and that will be the real challenge for me!)
4. Blanquette de veau (there is a joke in our family : I ask my husband “What would you like to eat tonight?” and periodically, summer, winter, Easter, Xmas no matter, he will answer me “Blanquette de veau!” with a sarcastic smile on his face!)
5. Puff pastry: I’m always terribly afraid just only to think about it, but I’m collecting comforting recipes from master pastry chef… Let’s hope this is the good year!


  1. francesca

    for christ’s sake! sara! if you’ll manage to make that cake I’ll… I don’t know… I’ll make you… mmmhhh… surprise, that’s it. if you’ll make that cake I’ll make you a surprise! love…

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