This year I dare: 1 done!!!

I am so excited!!! Fist of all, I did master one recipe written by him! Second, I did macarons! For the second time (we don’t want to speak about the first time, do we? Horrible horrible memories.. ), but they came quite right this time: I would like them more puffed, but I’m quite satisfied!

And now, him… There is a blogger madly in love with him (who isn’t???): she made wonderful cakes from very difficult recipes from one of the most difficult cookbook I’ve ever opened in my life (she made macarons too!)… There is another blogger that went to visit him so many times that the serveurs cried when she left Paris… There are crowds cueing in front of his pâtisseries… He has 5 shops in Japan and 3 in Paris… He’s one of the few great chef of all time that shares all (or at least most) of his secrets (and pâtissiers have so many secrets we can’t imagine…), not in one, but in many books…
Thank you, Pierre Hermé: to exist, to work, to share… Thank you so much…

The recipe I’ve followed can be found on Secrets Gourmands. Soon I will add it…

P.S. All this effort just to celebrate the first birthday of this blog…


  1. Sigrid

    well, they don’t look bad at all! (but maybe a bit too much filing, no?) oh, by the way, guess what became ‘cookie of the year’ on LA Times? yes, sure…. :-))

  2. fabiola

    Happy birthday honey!
    Esci subito la foto dei macarons!!!!!! Le mie papille gustative stanno già ballando il tip tap!

  3. Robyn

    I gotta say TOO MUCH filling is THE BEST KIND, YES YES, BWAHAHAH AhAH!!@#!@

    …I’m not insane.

    YAY PIERRE HERME! Yay 1st anniversary! Yay you!

  4. Piperita

    @Robyn: this was just the first attemp! Next batch will be on his way to NY!!!

  5. yazmena

    Congratulations! They look yummy. Coincidentally I also just made my first batch of macarons two days ago. I got my recipe from the blog La Tartine Gourmand.

  6. Fanny

    Hi Piperita,
    these macarons look SO much better than mine!
    And I think you described perfectly how much I love Pierre Hermé.

    By the way, happy (belated) blog day!!!

    – fanny

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