Lately I do not have lots of recipe… I’m not cooking anything interesting (unless you think that pasta with pesto is interesting…) and since we’ve been in Paris last weekend, we even have the fridge completely empty… I mean, right now there is only lots of cheese from a nice Parisian fromagerie in the 17th

Paris vaut bien des macarons…

… some croissants (the best of the 9th arrondissement), North African patisserie and, of course, HIM: the best, the only, le merveilleux Pierre Hermé… And foodblogger meetings, of course!!! Oh, and the discovery of yuzu…

I will be back, alive and kicking!

So, the situation isn’t looking so good: now even the modem is broken, so…I honestly don’t know when I will be able to come back… But for sure, just to reassure all the “nice” people that are leaving “nice” comments on my posts, I WILL BE BACK, soon…And about those “nice” people, obliging me to


While I’m still trying to recover from the exhaustion caused by making 15 kg of gnocchi and a crème patissière with 60 egg yolks, all I can think of blogging is something simple, for a quick bite or a “light” snack…Mix some ricotta and some grated parmesan and beat them until you obtain a creamy

Oh my god…

First of all, sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but I took it with my cell phone in the undergroung of Milan, so it couldn’t be better…Second: translation (kind of); the upper line: vegetable become dish, the lower line: recipe n.4, wild rice in peas purèe. So, my point is: is someone even


Dear fellow bloggers/ friends/ readers/ commenter, One of the thing I was never able to make (except from macarons, but I’m still studying…) is puff pastry.I never found a recipe that satisfy me at the point of making it instead of buying it…Depending on the recipes, the pastry turned out to be too hard, too

Fall, finally!

As many other blogger did, I noticed that finally, despite the 20° C you still get even in Milan, fall has arrived: the air is briskly, especially in the morning, after dawn is cold and the laundry needs ages to dry!So, soup time!I’m not big fan of soups: I can just eat Chinese soups and