It’s London baby!!!

English cheese Galore!!!

Well, I’m in London, again! Sorry if I haven’t said anything, but it’s just a very quick visit…
It was a sunny and hot day and I had the wonderful opportunity (and for this I will never stop to thank Walid from TrustedPlaces!!!) to meet some gorgeous people and have a good look around London Borough Market!
I met some prominent English food bloggers I read, like the lovely Julia, the astonishing young and talented Aidan and, even if briefly, the adorable Krista.
I add the pleasure to meet some English food journalists too, as Susan Smillie from The Observer and mind behind the food blog of The Guardian; Andy Hayler with whom I chatted a lot about restaurants and food; and, even if briefly, Tonia George food editor of Waitrose Food Illustrated (and I exposed myself telling her that the cover of one of their old numbers is hanging from the wall of my study: Nigella Lawson’s packing the perfect picnic is so inspiring for everyday inspiration!!!).
Our host, chef and foodie Celia Brooks Brown, was just wonderful: I’ve liked her form the first moment I’ve spotted her! she was so smiley ad charming that I couldn’t stop listening to her food chatting with us and the stands holders!

My impressions on the market itself can be found here.
Here I just want to stress on one point: I was honestly and really pleased for the way England is transforming its relationship with food! they are really expanding their views on food, and not only towards organic food (that here in England is less expensive than in Italy), but towards food in general!!! I had so many bad memories about English supermarkets and food, but right now, just after two visits, they are all gone!
And even the bad memories about constant rain are almost gone: I’ve always had sun!!!

For the complete photo set of this visit, you can click trough here! Enjoy!


  1. Krista

    it was so nice meeting you yesterday! hope to see you again next time you are in london.

  2. Trig

    hi Sara,

    astonishingly young or just astonishing? haha

    i think we all had a great time at borough, and it was really nice being with so many other like-minded people. In a day or two I’ll post an article with my pics and link to other displays, including yours

  3. Julia

    Hello again Sara!

    It was really, really lovely to meet you last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and meeting everybody. This was my first time meeting food bloggers and I really hope we can do something similar again soon.

    Take care.

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