Food blogger 2.0: a new specie in the world

The food blogger 2.0 is a really rare specie. It can live in every part of the world, in every environment, not only where it can find good food.
It lives mainly for the purpose of its food blog: cooking and taking picture of food. It can have many interest, but food it’s the main objective of every action it does.
It has a “real off-line” life, but only on-line it feels safe. The “real off-line” life is mainly devoted to eating in good restaurants or cooking for the food blog. It finds some of its restaurants on TrustedPlaces and it buys its groceries and food mainly from few selected e-shops… And taking pictures of that.
It mainly reads food blogs and cook books.
It loves movies related to cooking and food, but it can appreciate even other kind of movies.
It’s not aware of the rest of the blogosphere, as much as the rest of the blogosphere is not aware of the food blogger 2.0 (or food blogging in general).
It’s difficult to spot it and it’s almost impossible to take pictures of it (a rare example is published with this post, only thanks to the sympathy of a nice guy who spot it).
You can find it on facebook, probably in the group with less people of the entire social network (why don’t you come and join us??? :-))
It’s on Linkedin too…
On twitter it speaks about food is baking/cooking…
It’s on Pownce too, but without understanding why: a geek friend says is the next step of social networking, and the food blogger 2.0 always listen to its geek friends…
It has more than one blog related to food (and it’s doing it as a job!), and for sure it has a tumblr
It tries to support and animate a food community
It has a flickr account (and it uses Flickr uploadr) with which it participates to some groups and it creates other groups
It’s a frequent commenter on Serious Eats
It’s adding all the cookbooks to Anobii… And it created the Cookbook group (only three people at the momet: come! Come!)
It’s part of some recipes communities… If it’s based in Italy, is even part of Italian food social networks
Every time it uploads a new recipe it posts it (immediately) on Taste Spotting too…
It’s desperately wishing for Aperture to implement its food pictures…
It’s part of the Daring Bakers Team and it’s not allowed to link it to the outer world (We rock!)…
It participates to all the web food events it can…
Update: it got its business card and stickers from

If you spot one, please contact the Food Bloggers Anonymous on FaceBook: you could save it from extinction… We need food blogger 2.0 in this world!


  1. Petula

    anzi visto che solo il “creatore”, termine a dir poco divino (ma chi cavolo sono i redattori????) può mandare inviti… si dà pure una mossa??? ;-DDDD

  2. Sara - Piperita

    Quello dove siamo solo i tre e che nessuno guarda, nemmeno noi???

    Adesso lo aggiungo!!!

  3. Sara - Piperita

    Uh, che petulante!!! ;-D

    Adesso vedo se riesco ad abilitarti!

  4. Monika Korngut

    What a cute entry, I love it. I will have to check out some of your links here 😀 Its nice to be on-line again!! Feels like home 😀

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