I have a new friend

(well, kind of, as it came dead in my house and now it’s resting well packed in my freezer… ;-P)I love to buy food on-line: you can find amazing stuff and they deliver everything to your door, on time, any time…I even love doing my normal grocery purchases on-line…I have only one problem: quantities… Few


What do you normally do to free overwhelming anger?Avoiding killing someone, I mean! 😉 Ok, maybe beginning a list of people you hate, but I need something physical…Personally, I cook difficult recipes. Very difficult recipes…As at this very moment I’m not surrounded by my cook book collection, but I have a wider option: the world

And the winners are…

First of all the children of Lesotho, for whom we could rise, all us food blogger around the world, the wonderful sum of $91,188.00!!! And today Pim announced all the winners! Are you among them? Have you won one of the San Lorenzo hampers, EU02 or UK35??? Claim your prize!!! Write me at peppermintpatt [at]

For an Happy 2008

After spending Christmas surrounded by too many dozens of oysters, still recovering from all the required family eating (roasted roe dear, petit salé, Bûche de Noël, kidneys with scampi, not exactly in this order) I’m ready for tonight fish revellion 2008 with my French husband, trying not to think about the head of state of

The Kitchen Pantry, San Lorenzo e Menu for Hope!

The Kitchen Pantry is pleased to be part of Menu for hope 2007, the wonderful event launched by Pim, of Chez Pim. After last year huge success, raising more then 63.ooo US$, this year we are working to raise money for the UN World Food Program. In collaboration with San Lorenzo, and hosted by Fanny

Program for the week-end

Location: London… I’m actually already here, doing this!What am I going to do? Ahah! that the best part!While I was here working, well, I worked! I hang out for a wonderful lunch with Girl Geek Dinner friends (Maz, Nicole, Sarah and Steve) but that was all!I mean, I enjoyed myself in the company wonderful people,


Note: first of all thank for the sympathetic comments of you all! My last post wasn’t an adieu, but just a way to tell you that I want to find a different way to food blog! 🙂 When I was little, in Italy they were showing on tv one of the saddest movie I ever

I should have…

… so many things to say…So many recipe to write…But honestly, I’m pissed off writing recipe!I write too many for work, so I don’t find any more inspiration to write even more recipes on my own blog… 🙁The only idea of writing “150g of that and 100 g of the other one, mix together…” make

Franciacorta, Bellavista and Gualtiero Marchesi

Foreward: I paid to do what I’m going to tell you about, so I wasn’t bribed. Not that you can say so for what I’m going to tell you! And I’m not a restaurant critic (and I don’t aim to become one), but I have a palate, a mouth and taste… And they are all