Piperita DIY

Well, this is not the DNA to create your own Piperita from one of my hair: one Piperita is enough in this world I can assure you!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
This week-end I felt handy and so I decided, after a short conversation earlier in the week with Sara, to build a light box!
And as I’m always thinking BIG, I built a huge light box, 70cmx70cm…
Anyway, let’s begin from the beginning!
So, earlier last week I was chatting with Sara, and she asked me if I was using light box, I said no, that I was simply shooting in raw and adjusting white balance (and all the rest) with Aperture. But then I began to wonder: why don’t I have a light box???
So I decided to build one. I search the net and I found various options, but the one that suited me most seemed this (thanks Jason for sharing!).
Saturday morning, after a very good night sleep, we woke up quite early, so I popped the dreaded question: shall we go to Castorama, my love?
A little note: Castorama and Ikea are very close in Carugate, on the outskirts of Milan AND we need to move the car to go there: a major stress!
I think his mind went directly to a blu and yellow sign, because a fear look appeared in his eyes: he knows that everytime I say Castorama I mean Ikea too…
But a saint look appeared in my eyes, and a nimbus popped out of nowhere over my head, matching my saint eyes, saying: “Me? Me I want to go to Castorama AND Ikea, spend a lot of money and be in the middle of Saturday crowd??? Noo, not me: I’m a Saint!” Saint Piperita martyr from Varese, died on a Saturday morning walked over the Ikea crowd… ๐Ÿ˜‰
Anyway, there we went, and I have to say I was extremely pleased: it was a wonderful productive morning!
We went to Ikea (I’m a major candle addicted!) and Castorama, but they didn’t have all I needed! And when I asked the exact material I was looking for, they looked at me as if I was the crazy housewife form Brugherio (sorry, this “joke” is only for people living in Milan…) and I was asking for a ready made kit to build a conservatory… I just wanted to build a light box!
I bought fabric in Ikea and 1 roll of carpet tape – two sided, 4 mt long in Castorama, but they didn’t have the right type of foam… So, my last chance was to look for it at the Brico in Viale Monza, actually 4 underground stops from where we live…
And of course at the little brico we found everything!
Going back home we even stopped at a neighbour market and by 11.30 we were home, all packed, weekly grocery shopping too! Very productive!
And then I began with the light box… With the cat help, of course, as he likes a lot foam!!!
And I built the monster exactly as Jason instructs…
My only concern was related to the size of it: too big to keep it built all the time, so, instead of using rubber tape to stick it together, I used toothpicks, as hinges… And they worked!
My only problem now is the weather: I need nice spring days with a lot of sun! Or better bulbs…
Anyway, welcome my dear light box… And to welcome you I put on a new header, thanks to the light box, aperture and photoshop!