The world of wine would be safe forever if everybody would work like…


Marco Sara, a young wine maker from Friuli, one of the eastern region of Italy: he has just 3 acres and he make just 3 wines: Picolit, Mufis and Verduz! One better than the other! My husband, who is a sommelier and he’s acknowledged among our acquaintances as a fierce wine critic, after trying them, said: “Astonishing!” That was a first, I can tell you! Thanks to Filippo Ronco, who told us we should try them!
Marco Sara's wines

Or like Emidio Pepe, a wine maker from Abruzzo, making bio-dynamic wines that will last for ever, like the astonishing Trebbiano d’Abbruzzo 2001 we were lucky enough to have at La rucola in Sirmione: a white that had no problem to cast all its flavors even over roasted lamb.
Emidio Pepe's wines

Or like Villa Corniole and its bronze colored Pinot Gris, made from a maceration on its skins for a few days : a color and a taste that you’ll remember for the rest of your life…
Villa Cornelie's wines

We had the pleasure and the honor to try those and many other wines at Terroir Vino, an interesting fair of wine producers mainly from Italy (but there were two French, and you could feel the different approach with communication: French are, astonishing enough, so nice when they come to wine speech!).
Forget Vinitaly and its Barnum circus: get back to basic! A desk, few bottles of wine, some pieces of Ligurian focaccia, and your glass: that will make your day and your tasting experience!


  1. Zeno Tomiolo

    “Sara Maternini Completely drunk, she writes, as usually when in this state of mind, the best post whatsoever! 😉”

    grande presentazione per questo post!


  2. Giulia

    Buonissimo il Verduzzo e buonissimo il Picolit! Detto da una che ha parenti nella zona di produzione… Baci!

  3. A World in a PAN

    Wow, so many bottles of wine! Different shapes, labels, types .. looks as if they had a bottle per person!

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