You are my Catcher Block I’m your Barbara Novak

Chocolate, ricotta, yogurt and ginger spoon cake

You are my Christian I’m your Satine.
You are my Norman Warne I’m your Beatrix Potter.
You are my Lincoln 6 Echo I’m your Jordan 2 Delta.
You are my Frank Churchill I’m your Jane Fairfax.
You are my Jerome I’m your Nagiko.
You are my Renton I’m your Diane.

I was never, and never will be, one of those beautiful women people turn to watch in the streets, but you turned for me.
I was never, and never will be, one of those girls all smiles and “yes darling”, but that’s what you love about me.
I was never, and never will be, one of those women that will celebrate Valentine’s day, but you don’t care either. And you don’t mind if I have a meeting (to organize this) for tonight.
I was never, and never will be low maintenance, but that’s why you love me.
I always was and will always be a major pain in the @#§*, but that’s WHY you love me!
And, “It doesn’t take a Nazi rocket scientist to figure *that* out”!
And I will always be the girl that makes you laugh, that makes you smile and that makes you a chocolate cake!!!

And this year, a chocolate, ricotta, yoghurt and ginger spoon cake, all for you, with all my love!

P.S. This post is part of the series “Only 10 people in the word understand my quotations, one of whom is me, one my husband and the other the subject of them, but he doesn’t read my blog, better, he doesn’t know I exists”. For the rest… Well, I won’t tell you my “secret”: guess it! 😉


  1. ninna_r

    Adoro il titolo di questo post.
    Sarà che Down with Love l’ho apprezzato parecchio.

    Il tortino faccio finta di non vederlo anche se è bellissimo (dieta).

  2. Cheryl

    That is just an awesome post. I also don’t celebrate V-day.

  3. comidademama

    ma non ne so nemmeno una, accidenti!
    In ogni caso ho scoperto di avere una amica in comune, pm10!

    Bellissima fotografia, stupenda!

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