Le déjeuner sur l’herbe

Traveling around France in low season, sometimes mean you won’t find a restaurant open, especially if you travel off the beaten track. But is there another way to travel? 😉 Lost in the countryside, far from any “big” town, the only thing open is the local épicerie, what do you do? Well, you simply enter

Sourdough Bread

I recently had the fortune to put my hands on a 22 years old pasta madre, levain, sourdough (kind courtesy of Semerssuaq*). I was always afraid of sourdough: I mean, it’s alive! What if it dies? What if I kill it??? Well, apparently it’s not so simple to kill it! If you take good weekly

La France que j’aime: Aveyron, Saint-Affrique Market

My husband was born in Paris, but when he was 2 his parents moved to Aveyron, one of the most agricultural, rustic and breathtaking region of France. And even one of the least touristic. As we have a legacy there, we have to fortune to go there at least once a year, in very different

Pasta with leek, endive and bacon

A few months ago I opened another food blog, in Italian, and I published the recipe that it’s at the base of this pasta. While I was cooking it I though it could have done a perfect side dish, *and* a perfect pasta dish 🙂 For 2 people 200 g high quality pasta, short kind

Ask the cook!

Have you made some kind of mess? Your kitchen looks like a nuclear power explosion and you don’t know how to solve it? Your fridge is dead empty and you have to create a dinner for 6? Did I write something wrong in a recipe? Don’t you understand a recipe? Fill in this form and

Stuffed and roasted guinea fowl

A good stuffed and roasted guinea fowl is something merry and wintery, that will add to your post-holiday dinner a reminder of the late Christmas and New’s year celebrations. 1 guinea fowl (enough for 4 to 6 people) For the stuffing: 300 g chestnuts, peeled and boiled (our chestnuts were a courtesy of a fellow

La France que j’aime

Les Pays Basque France is a big country, filled with wonders at any corners. My advice to everyone who wants to travel around France is to go off the beaten track and search for the real French experience. What’s the Real French Experience? It’s a life changing experience, full of wine, incredible food and fantastic