La France que j’aime: Aveyron, Saint-Affrique Market


My husband was born in Paris, but when he was 2 his parents moved to Aveyron, one of the most agricultural, rustic and breathtaking region of France.
And even one of the least touristic.
As we have a legacy there, we have to fortune to go there at least once a year, in very different times of the year: summer, fall, winter, spring.
I realize I have plenty of pictures I’ve never shared and never told you about it. It’s time to mend this big fault 😉

Le marché de St. Afrique

Last fall we were there on a saturday too, and on saturday it’s market day in Saint-Affrique, the nearest “big” town.
As it’s the countryside (la campagne), it’s a farmer market, without being a farmer market, as it’s the only type of market they know 🙂 It’s a gather of local producers, from cheese, to vegetable and fruits, to flours, to local produce depending on the season.

Le marché de St. Afrique

France has many many wonderful produce and among the outstanding, stand flours, great, high gluten flour, perfect for bread: you’ll see 😉

Le marché de St. Afrique


  1. Mercè

    Io sono andata al mercato de Sainte Affrique.
    È uno dei mercati che mi piaceno piu sopra tuto per la qualita è la quantita di ” produits fermiers”.

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