For an Happy 2008

After spending Christmas surrounded by too many dozens of oysters, still recovering from all the required family eating (roasted roe dear, petit salé, Bûche de Noël, kidneys with scampi, not exactly in this order) I’m ready for tonight fish revellion 2008 with my French husband, trying not to think about the head of state of

Daring Bakers: Yule Log

I know, I’m late, but I had permission from Ivonne, as I spent Christmas at my in laws, whom live in the French countryside, in Aveyron, near Roquefort (actually more near Saint Affrique, but Roquefort is a bit more known! Or at least its stinky cheese is!) and they do not have any internet connection,

Merry Christmas!!!

I won’t be home, neither in front of a computer, for the next 7 days, as we are heading to south of France, to see my in-laws: seafood, oysters, buche… Stuff like that!!! My deepest seasonal greetings!I will never leave you without a Christmas recipe, so, if you want to know how I made the

The Kitchen Pantry, San Lorenzo e Menu for Hope!

The Kitchen Pantry is pleased to be part of Menu for hope 2007, the wonderful event launched by Pim, of Chez Pim. After last year huge success, raising more then US$, this year we are working to raise money for the UN World Food Program. In collaboration with San Lorenzo, and hosted by Fanny

Program for the week-end

Location: London… I’m actually already here, doing this!What am I going to do? Ahah! that the best part!While I was here working, well, I worked! I hang out for a wonderful lunch with Girl Geek Dinner friends (Maz, Nicole, Sarah and Steve) but that was all!I mean, I enjoyed myself in the company wonderful people,

I’m high on Cannelés!

Oh yeah, they are really addictive those little treasures!!!When I was seeing them in bakeries or shop around France I never had the urge for them, but that was because I’ve never tried them!!!Then, some time ago, I saw them again here…So last time I’ve been in France I finally bought Cannelés mold (because you

Daring Bakers: Tender Potato Bread

Warm focaccia filled with Parma Prosciutto: to die for!!! Last time I’ve seen Annemarie in London, we just ended the Bostoni Cream Pie challenge, and we were a bit disappointed about our Chiffon cake turned out…Then we moved to one quite corner, and whispering, we spoke about the new challenge. She already had the time


Note: first of all thank for the sympathetic comments of you all! My last post wasn’t an adieu, but just a way to tell you that I want to find a different way to food blog! 🙂 When I was little, in Italy they were showing on tv one of the saddest movie I ever

I should have…

… so many things to say…So many recipe to write…But honestly, I’m pissed off writing recipe!I write too many for work, so I don’t find any more inspiration to write even more recipes on my own blog… 🙁The only idea of writing “150g of that and 100 g of the other one, mix together…” make

Franciacorta, Bellavista and Gualtiero Marchesi

Foreward: I paid to do what I’m going to tell you about, so I wasn’t bribed. Not that you can say so for what I’m going to tell you! And I’m not a restaurant critic (and I don’t aim to become one), but I have a palate, a mouth and taste… And they are all